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Before putting your head down on your pillow at night, she suggests telling your partner what you love about them.“This helps you both wake up the next day with a smile and a heightened sense of appreciation for the other person.

Go below the surface and admire your partner's work ethic, commitment to family or passion for adventure.”For fit couples, Bizzoco says you may want plan to run a half marathon together and for adventure-loving couples, why not set a goal to hike that mountain you've been meaning to get to?

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Every morning ask your spouse what you can do to make their day a bit easier.“Just taking a moment to ask this question daily sends the message that you’re thinking about your partner even if they don't have anything in particular that they need you to do,” says LA-based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. It’s a fact that relationships are strengthened when two people accomplish something together, tells Yue Xu, dating expert and co-host of the Date/able Podcast.“So maybe it's re-doing the kitchen, training for a Tough Mudder or taking improv classes.

You’ll also want to get much more specific with your resolutions, as opposed to keeping them very vague and general.

For example, don’t just vow to be more affectionate in 2017; find measurable ways you can achieve this goal, like touching each other every time you watch TV, and make that your New Year's mission. And definitely not nearly as overwhelming as just trying to get in more physical touch.

Not to mention, this happiness can also transfer to your partner.” So basically, it’s a win-win.

Whether it’s once a week, three times a week or whatever it may be, push yourself to have sex, urges Goldstein.“We can get busy and tired these days and having sex at night can feel like the last thing on the list, but it's important to have a connection and bond with your partner.

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