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You can continue to develop your ADP applications and we will continue to support earlier versions of Access under the standard support lifecycle.

We will not update older versions of Access to support new versions of SQL Server or SQL Azure.

Office 2016 Preview has an additional color theme to select from versus Office 2013, and they are different than Office 2010 and lower.

Here’s a look at what they are, and how to change them.

The ADP framework is in a file called ADPX.accde that provide a Data Access Layer DAL in Access with classes and factory new methods to instantiate object of class Data Access Layer Form in the form On Load event procedure and to instantiate object of class Data Access Layer Report in the report On Open event procedure.

The file ADPX.accde can be placed in a new folder called ADPX in the Program Data folder e.g.

From Access 2013 there is provided four models of SQL Server data into an Access desktop database application in fileformat accdb, but there is also some disadvantages and defects that ADP has solved and will be described in the next chapter.Sometimes I build a stored procedure with a parameter and inside the T-SQL will do different things depends of the value of the parameter.When a user later request me to change the business logic I can do that inside the stored procedure at the SQL Server database without updating the Access application and therefore I avoid a new deployment to the users.Here’s a look at each of the color themes that are currently available in the Office 365 Home Premium 2016 Preview. Colorful Dark Gray Black White Keep in mind that if you change the color in one app, it will change for all of them.

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