Wireless network hangs on validating identity Friendly adult chat sites

First make sure that you have a Restore point set prior to opening any registry items ........ Start Please download Farbar Service Scanner and run it on the computer with the issue.

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This all started a few months back when I had an original problem, took it into some (SEEMINGLY) reputable guys who basically turned out to be horrible shysters.

That "R" seemed funny, being right at the edge of the window.

It looked like there was more there to read and it was cutting it off.

i have an hp mini and i never had a problem with wifi connection not until we set up a new wifi router.

i entered the information needed such as network pin but then it showed validating identity and its taking a long time and the wireless network showed a question mark icon, i tried accessing the property but id get "an unexpected error occurred" i tried restarting but i still get the same error..

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