Windows xp group policy not updating

By default, applying Start Layout customizations via GPO will enforce the layout and prevent users from performing changes.

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The simplest way to create customized Start layouts to apply to an organization is to manually create a sample layout on a test machine and then export that layout.In previous editions of Windows (Windows 10 RTM and Windows 8.1) it was possible to create customized Start layouts for an organization.However, there were only two options available to control these start layout customizations: Windows 10 version 1511 has introduced a new feature which makes it possible for an organization to customize the start layout by locking down individual groups within the Start layout.Microsoft provides the command-line tool to refresh the Group Policy settings immediately on a client computer, but does not support refreshing GPO settings on a remote computer.However, if you need to refresh GPO settings on multiple computers immediately, there are four ways to refresh Group Policy settings on remote computers.

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