Who is magnus dating

Alex followed along still dazed out and smiled down at their linked hands.She squeezed his and Magnus squeezed back making her smile even wider.Once in the bathroom, they both grabbed their toothbrushes before brushing and then going to do different things to get ready.For Magnus, he washed his face and ran a wet hand through his hair, and then change.Magnus let out a satisfied hum, “Good morning it is.” He felt Alex laugh a little before she shifted her position again.

Magnus looked up at her with mirth showing in his smile. ” Alex asked, heat rising to her face, “Is there something on my face.” She brought her hand up to check her cheeks- Magnus shook his head, “Nothing, nothing.”“But you’re right we should get going if we still want good seats.”He got up and grabbed her hand so they could head to the bathroom and get ready for the morning. He had a roof over his head, free food, great friends, a kick-ass girlfriend. Yet his shitty mind still found ways to fuck him over.Yet his shitty mind still found ways to fuck him over. And in those two months, Magnus had had to take multiple cold showers, and many thoughts late at night on how he deserved such an amazing human being.They were both still pretty young, granted they would stay their ages for the rest of their lives.Magnus being 16 and Alex 14, but that was just on the outside. And Alex would always love to steal his clothes, whether it was his socks to his jackets, they always ended up gone in a week and returned when they ‘didn’t smell like Maggie’ anymore.

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