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“And there are a bunch of twists and turns that would take us into season 2 — should we be so lucky.” Ian Thomas has been recasted !In the pilot episode he was played by Carlo Marks . The following things will happen in an upcoming episode, but which girl will suffer each fate?That’s a promise I’ll keep.” – A Source: prettylittleliars Source: Pretty Little Liars Online FOUR LITTLE LIARS TAKE A STAND, IN AN ALL-NEW EPISODE OF “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS,” TUESDAY, JUNE 29TH AT PM ET/PT ON ABC FAMILY The girls take matters into their own hands and try to put a stop to “A” in “Can You Hear Me Now?,” an all-new episode of ABC Family’s original series, “Pretty Little Liars,” premiering Tuesday, June 29th ( – PM ET/PT).They suddenly begin receiving mysterious text messages from somebody who refers to herself as “A,” leading some of the girls to believe she didn’t die.Co-star Lucy Hale, 21, who plays Aria on the ABC Family drama, tells Us Magazine.com: “I want to know. ” Ashley Benson, who plays queen bee Hanna, promises viewers won’t be let down.Can the girls face what has taken place in their past, especially since “A” won’t let them forget?

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But even with the mysterious ghost no longer looming over their heads, the girls’ problems are far from over.

The circumstances surrounding Alison’s disappearance continue to haunt Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna, as questions arise about the night she went missing.

To complicate matters, Jenna’s return to Rosewood makes the girls face an unpleasant past and an incident that sealed their friendship forever.

“Pretty Little Liars” is produced by Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television and is executive-produced by I.

Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick, Leslie Morgenstein and Bob Levy.

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