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In general you should: Only the final mail server is relevant.If your company has a more complicated setup where an internal mail server routes mail through an outgoing mail server for delivery to the world, only the outgoing mail server would be listed in SPF.Using an alternate port such as port 587 could still be abused by spammers! In fact doing so is a bit harder on your DNS servers since a receiving server progressing through your record may be forced to make multiple DNS lookups, when simply referencing the server hostname once would have been sufficient.If the server's IP rarely changes, consider using the (or ip6) notation so recipients can avoid DNS lookups entirely.

Suppose you follow the advice in that FAQ but don't think about HELO names, you could inadvertently deny servers the right to send email.A simple example of two policies might be: The first rule would be activated by any from address ending with "@example.com", and would validate such an email only if it comes from an IP address associated with an MX record for "example.com".The second rule would be activated by a HELO identification of "mailserver.example.com", and would validate the email only if it comes from the IP address associated with that server.Eventhough there are no email addresses like "[email protected]", the name "web03.example.com" is used for email!If you don't publish an SPF policy for such domains, they are game for spoofers.

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