Updating xml using vb6

Exactly one year ago (wow, has it really been that long?), we published a column that explained how you could use a script to read an XML file.The Scripting Games (February 15th through March 3rd) are fun and challenging. Are you still somewhat new to system administration scripting?Then enter the Beginners Division; we'll have separate competitions for beginners in VBScript, Windows Power Shell The Games (did we mention they run from February 15th through March 3rd?And here's the really cool part: can you realistically hope to become a soccer legend like Pele? Can you ever hope to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world?Well, some of the Scripting Guys seem to have the heavyweight part down, but that boxing champion bit is a much tougher nut to crack.) are quite simply the event of the scripting season, and you don't want to miss them.

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I Want to Hire I Want to Work Need a developer/admin who is familiar with the scripting for Dev Ops support (Win32 and Cross-platform application development and support). I attach a sample Word docx document, the final XML document, comments on the code to develop, and references of similar projects.I require XML import functionality with the following plugin Word Press All Import ([url removed, login to view]) or something similar.Ability would be for the Admin to setup a feed that can be run once or as a cron job that would auto import/populate/sync jobs with an associated Word Press account via XML feed from an ou...i have android app that is like an online shop ..What that column didn't tell you was how you could use a script to create, write, and modify an XML file. You say you'd like to know how to write a script that can create an XML file? Well, ask and then wait a year for us to get around to it. Admittedly, this might look complicated, but we'll explain how it all works. XMLDOM") Set obj Root = _ xml Doc.create Element("ITChecklist") xml Doc.append Child obj Root Set obj Record = _ xml Doc.create Element("Computer Audit") obj Root.append Child obj Record Set obj Name = _ xml Doc.create Element("Computer Name") obj Name.Text = "atl-ws-001" obj Record.append Child obj Name Set obj Date = _ xml Doc.create Element("Audit Date") obj Date.

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