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It is included on the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) Table for phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and fluoride.

Pharmacists frequently reference this table in the course of their work. Fluoridated water is part of a total oral health program.

For specific information, you should consult with the filtration system's manufacturer.

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Processes that may significantly reduce fluoride ions in drinking water include reverse osmosis and activated alumina filtration.

A concentration of 0.7 ppm of fluoride can reduce the amount of cavities in children’s baby teeth by as much as 60% and reduce tooth decay in adults by nearly 35%.

The Florida Department of Health recommends that prescription dietary fluoride supplements should not be given to any child who lives or goes to school in a fluoridated water community.

Enamel formation of permanent teeth, other than third molars (wisdom teeth), occurs from about the time of birth until approximately five years of age.

After tooth enamel is completely formed, dental fluorosis cannot develop even if excessive fluoride is ingested.

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