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Emphasizing relationship building, communication skills or personal growth; every workshop offers an open and highly interactive atmosphere, where participants are in the driver’s seat.Classes are geared toward every demographic, catering to those who are single, married, or anywhere in between.They were not the small independents I refer to above but as close as a chain could be I suspect.Until Disney finally bought the chain and they started handing out rules like… (as in, if you had long hair, and several did as cool dudes often do, they had to wear it up in a pony tail.) This rule I remember was wholly upsetting to everyone. When I first started working at the store in Dallas I remember our only uniform was a black name tag.We had a rap guy, a couple reggae dudes, even a couple top 40 people …

The vests allowed a customer to tell the difference between another customer and an employee, and half of the employee’s in the store were not standing at registers. you lose your knowlege base, employee’s who can actually help you.

If I couldn’t tell you something about a movie, or hadn’t heard of it…

Syllabus During the 1984 Republican National Convention, respondent Johnson participated in a political demonstration to protest the policies of the Reagan administration and some Dallas-based corporations. TOP Dissent STEVENS, J., Dissenting Opinion JUSTICE STEVENS, dissenting.

The Classical guy was a retired gay man who came in once a week to maintain the Classical and Jazz sections.

He kept the stock in order (as it is not so easy to figure out where stuff goes, or what to file it under unless you’re familiar with classical music.) and he’d do the ordering.

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