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Over 700mb of their own internal emails, dating back over 6 months have been leaked to the internet in what will be a devastating blow to the company.Many are very recent, having September 2007 dates and the majority involve the most senior people in the company.Seemingly every last detail of the Mii Vi preparations are laid bare for all to see, such as these attempts to deal with some unexpected content.Interestingly, if Mii Vi was only an internal operation, where on earth did this content come from?

The sole purpose of the site is to trap people into uploading copyrighted material, and bust them for doing so.From: Ben Grodsky Sent: Tue 03-Jul-07 To: MIIVI; Randy Saaf; Octavio Herrera; Steve Lyons Subject: Mii Vi got Dugg Looks like the domain transfer has screwed us over: -video-download-site-to-trap-people/ Pup/news/dugg -Ben From Ben Grodsky, Media Defender Subject: care in interviewing Given all the recent Digg, Slash Dot and derivative online articles about MD, be careful what you say in job interviews.Specifically, I’m concerned about giving any information BEYOND what’s already on the website.hash=30755326A4E4B28E678BFF8CB2AF5FC4A4FBF710&i=3 (the title is Celebrity deathmatch: Korn vs slipknot and the exact URL is hash=30755326A) I just flagged it as Other Terms of Use violation.

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