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This pattern is similar to that of the Eastern grey kangaroo but differs from most other macropods, which have a postpartum oestrus and a longer embryonic diapause.The origin and function of embryonic diapause in macropods are poorly understood.Whiptails are alert animals with excellent vision and hearing.When alarmed they panicked easily and dashed wildly off in erratic, criss-crossing courses.The whiptails were found in open forest and adjoining pasture.Field observations were made of three discrete mobs of up to fifty members each.Communication was primarily through visual signals, and an analysis of these shows remarkable convergence with the displays of ungulates.

The principal predators on wallabies today are the introduced dingo and fox, which have replaced the marsupial wolf on the Australian mainland.

Sexual checking of females and anoestrous courting were the most conspicuous interactions between adults.

Oestrous courting was limited to a few days around the female's receptive period, which lasted only a few hours.

Whiptails show a positive gregarious tendency and a significant lack of overt interaction at close quarters.

Social grooming was mostly restricted to mothers and their offspring.

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