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It allows babies to create a distinction between themselves and others and can be a bonding activity between parent and child that also helps establish a relationship of trust (stock photo)Our most ticklish zones are coincidentally our weakest spots, such as the neck and stomach, and evolutionary biologists believe we laugh when these areas are touched as a defence mechanism to signal submissiveness.

Earlier this month, research published in the science journal Consciousness And Cognition revealed that - contrary to experts' previous understanding, that has stood since Greek philosopher Aristotle laid claim to the subject - it is possible for some people to tickle themselves.

While some undoubtedly enjoy the sensation of tickling, the action activates a part of the brain that controls facial movement called the Rolandic operculum, making you laugh even if you're not really having good time at all.

One recent survey found 36 per cent of people actively disliked the sensation of being tickled - and for those who aren't fans it can be frightening and painful - so much so that it was used as a form of torture by Nazi prison guards during World War II.'A phobia of tickling is quite rare - but understandable,' says Dr Sandi Mann, senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.

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