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In fact, Vespasian and Titus were even given the title Caesar at the same time.But the heads of the beast are not just the emperors of Rome.

Therefore, the Flavian Dynasty beginning with Caesar Vespasian is the beast whose wound had been healed in Revelation 13:3.Thus the symbol of Rome itself is quite literally “fire from heaven.” After Titus presided over the worship of the images of Caesar Vespasian in the Holy Temple, he ordered all remaining Jews in Jerusalem to be killed.Titus is called the false prophet in Under Titus’ leadership, the 12th Legion whose emblem is a lightning bolt—fire from heaven—aided in the burning of the Jewish Temple fulfilling Revelation : “And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven.” This chapter opens with the devil standing on the shore of the sea–a metaphor for Rome throughout the Book of Revelation. Here it is said that the seven heads of the beast are seven kings. .” Head is a Biblical metaphor for a king or leader.Like the three-in-one God worshipped by Christians, all three emperors were worshipped in the imperial cult as a god.Also while Titus’ father, Vespasian, ruled as emperor of Rome, Titus could, therefore, be seen, like Christ, as the son of god.

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