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And in Berlin, “sex was the business of the town”, she remembered.

The café bar was lined with the higher-priced trollops. On the corner stood the girls in boots, advertising flagellation.

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Two reels of fun in which we see the rich at play, flashing their underpants.Actors’ agents pimped for the ladies in luxury apartments in the Bavarian Quarter.Race-track touts at the Hoppegarten arranged orgies for groups of sportsmen. Dupont’s stylish drama Piccadilly, snappily scripted by Arnold Bennett, presents the capital as a seductive but divided city.While holidaying at a plush resort, Edna Purviance’s society lady mistakes the Little Tramp for her cocktail-swigging husband, and who can blame her, when Charlie Chaplin plays both roles.The Idle Class plays the mistaken identity plot as farce – a decade later Chaplin would wring heartbreak from the same confusion in City Lights (1931).

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