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She referred to former claim letters from Gamble that said each claimant may be entitled to million.

The district has addressed all environmental health concerns identified at Sky Valley, Buchanan wrote.

In a 2014 letter to staff, a school administrator wrote that the building was “quirky and old and sometimes a challenge,” but it was safe.

In fall 2015, one teacher was taken from the school by ambulance because of neurological symptoms, the complaint says.

The company knew PCBs were highly toxic and harmful to humans and animals, according to the complaint.

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In 20, Seattle, Spokane and the state of Washington each sued the Monsanto companies.

The substitute later complained of symptoms and resigned within three months.

About a dozen teachers have reportedly left the school.

SEATTLE — Families are suing over health issues they say stem from toxic chemicals in old school buildings in Monroe.

The buildings are home to the Sky Valley Education Center, which houses the district’s beloved parent-partnership program. previously was a high school, junior high, then middle school before Sky Valley moved there in 2011.

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