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Instruct the guests that they will know it’s their turn to get in line when their song is played.This is a clever way to dismiss tables without having to have someone physically dismiss them or announce that they can go.One of the most common ways to release the tables is to have the disc jockey or MC will call a table number at various intervals and those at that table will head for the buffet line.If number system on the tables does not thrill the bride and groom, you could put the numbers underneath the flower arrangements, or under one of the guest chairs.From top fun things to do, to family festivals and free things, and hidden gems you just might never have heard of.We have all this and more, to help you plan your best ever holiday in Ireland with children! Roscommon and set in the grounds of the old King-Harman Estate on the shores of island studded Lough Key, the Lough Key Forest & Activity Park, offers hours of entertainment for all the family.Each table can have a different color and the DJ simply calls out the color name at various intervals.Here are a few creative ways to have the disc jockey release tables to control congestion in the buffet line.

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Guests are asked to stand up once they are sure they recognize the song.You will want to avoid the problem that had everyone standing in a 150 person line that extends all the way around the wedding hall.The bride and groom are served by the staff from the buffet or they may choose to go through the buffet line.The main advantage of serving buffet-style is that it’s easier to offer a broad selection of food to choose from, which can be a good alternative for a diverse group of people having widely varying tastes.Due to the fact that guests are forced to get out of their seats and interact while in line, buffets foster socialization.

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