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On the top of that – it’s nice to actually look the other in the eyes when trying to see if you match together.Let’s get out of the online world and try to communicate in the old fashion way. What could be the most important to ask for five minutes?Usually, the organisers split you into small groups, and then the quiz starts.The topics are everything you can think of – history, sport, movies, travel. There is no one-on-one time, but the opportunities are still there. For everyone that has a pet and consider that as an essential part of the relationship, there is Pet Lovers Speed Dating.You already met everyone, now is time to see if they’re as fun as they claim. The event happens in a nice cafeteria, bar or restaurant with romantic or thematically arranged atmosphere. If you like someone just ticks the box on your list and on the next day you will have the other’s details.You don’t go on your own, in a suspicious dark place in the middle of nowhere to see someone you’ve never met before. Still, that happens only if the other ticked your box as well on his list.Count on your senses, see him, smell him (it’s more important than you think), touch him (just a handshaking). You will have to stick to the most important things. And you have to answer probably to the other’s questions.I know, it is a bit tricky – only five minutes and you have got three brothers and a sister you have to talk about. Relax, the five minutes are enough to see few things:– do you like physically the other;– does he/she is in the age group that suits you;– is it fun to talk to him/her;– do you have anything in common with hobbies and passion It is a bit hard to find out what is the most important thing for you to know.

The classic idea of speed dating is this: an equal number of men and women meet each other in a coffee or bar, and spend between three to five minutes in conversation with each one of the opposite gender.

So, you may want to stay away from the idea for big questions and life decisions.

What could be useful for you is the name, the age and the profession of the other.

Everyone is worried, and half of them are beating themselves they came – just because they’re shaking. You’re doing something new and exciting, and the levels of adrenalin are high. The more different options to date and to have fun at the same time – the better.

That’s totally alright and would be weird if it was not happening. With the all that speedy, blind and not so blind thing, the organisers are looking for new ways to keep the interacted and help them relax.

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