Sophia bush currently dating

Virginia refuses to rise to the bait of Blanche's anger and insults, but admits that she now wants something else: a kidney.She will die if she does not receive a transplant, and their older sister's kidneys are fused.

Meanwhile, Rose overprotects her visiting mother Alma, whose fitness actually puts the other women to shame. Harris ] After a party Sophia suffers an apparent heart attack, complaining of "Pavarotti sitting on my chest," and the girls nervously await paramedics who are delayed by a storm.

Meanwhile, Blanche is upset that Dorothy has agreed to baby-sit for a friend whose husband is in the hospital; and only adjusts to the presence of the baby just as he returns to his parents. Elliot Clayton ] The doctor who comes to treat Sophia's high blood pressure captivates both Dorothy and Blanche, and for once Dorothy beats out Blanche and dates "the most attractive man to hit Florida since Mr.

John Forsythe played Hamlet at the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theatre." Blanche is jealous until Dr.

Convinced she is dying, Sophia imparts her last words of wisdom to a devastated Dorothy; but it turns out to be merely a gall bladder attack brought on by overeating.

Stan Sophia is upset to hear that Dorothy, Blanche and Rose are planning a vacation together without her.

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