Sincere dating

I prefer to be told the truth the way it is and not comforted or pampered with lies..

I want someone who is handsome on the inside as well as the outside.

Open to new friendships and hoping to find that special someone who is compatible and easy going. I am down to earth, easy going, simple and fun person. I consider myself romantic and passionate person I love watching movies, traveling (been to 57 countries ), and enjoy learning about different cultures.

I love to dress up and also feel relaxed in jeans and t-shirt. Must be able to hold a good conversation, has same hobbies as mine.

), (b) live too far away from me, (c) can't speak English or compose a proper sentence to save their lives, or (d) set off major warning bells; e.g., the individual who stated that he loves me in his first email to me. That right there eliminates a large portion of the dating pool.

Are you as perfect and flawless with a perfect family as the man you dream of dating some day?I try to respect people for who they are as individuals, and try not to let old baggage interfere with new relationships.I'm Mature, Responsible easygoing, I'm single never married, I've always tried my best to accept the things I can not change in life, My past is my past and it stays in the past and will never let it ruin my present and that is why I am ready to move on.I'm a tall, well rounded, down to earth woman, Young, high energy, active Soldier, seeks companion to build a life...I may not be perfect, but at least there is no part of me that is plastic.

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