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no idea if that's a typo or if "red-shirt" has some esoteric boomer meaning I'm missing here.--IMTRD I first heard about this practice several years ago, in a news report about mothers in TX holding their sons back a year, in hopes of giving the boy a leg up on his peers in athletic competitions down the road. (The term is borrowed from collegiate sports, where athletes will practice with the team for the first year, but sit out competition while they get bigger, stronger, and more competitive.) It's a widespread thing all over the country.It's no-sarcasm a driver in inequality because you have working-class parents who put their 5yos in kindergarten and upper-class parents who hold them back and wait until age 6.

The yearly foray into discovering which NFL players are the best based on their peers doubles as multiple programming content opportunities for NFLN, mostly during the period between the NFL Draft and the start of training camps.For instance, while a “Top 100” countdown is in progress during the ten-week period, you’ll notice that the “NFL Total Access” crew will devote a segment or two to the list, either speculating how high a player would rank or how many players at a particular position would make the list, or reaction to the player rankings unveiled in the most recent installment.You can bet your bottom dollar that “NFL AM,” the network’s new morning show which debuts in one week, will be in full swing debating the “Top 100 Players Of 2013” list next spring.Opportunities that even arise weeks after the complete list has been revealed.On Friday, July 20, “NFL Total Access” conducted an interview with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, via satellite from South Lake Tahoe, NV, where he would be participating in a golf tournament.

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