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It’s a method that’s felt outdated for quite some time. It’s smaller than the 5.5-inch i Phone 7 Plus despite having a significantly larger 5.8-inch screen. Samsung had a choice, and I feel it made the wrong decision.

It seems like a great idea - until they discover that their most private video is no longer private.

It’s undoubtedly the S8’s most irritating issue, not least because it seems so basic, careless and avoidable.

so dreadful, and the alternative options aren’t quite up to scratch either.

We highlighted potential issues with the S8’s fingerprint scanner ahead of the handset’s official unveiling, and we’re afraid to report that it’s actually worse than we initially feared.

In my first four days with the phone, I either failed to find the scanner with my fingertip or – on the few occasions that I did successfully feel it out – failed to unlock the handset because I didn’t cover the entire sensor, so many times that I gave up trying altogether. Not only is it small and shallow, but it’s also positioned awkwardly high up on the phone’s rear panel, just a couple of millimetres away from the camera sensor.

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