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Perhaps I’m more of a romantic than I am led to believe, but as long as it doesn’t affect the business, I am happy to let love blossom around me… 😉Editor’s Note: Looking for last minute Valentine’s Day graphics, SMS marketing templates and perhaps lovable email subject lines? Thanks for reading, #Lets Grow Valerie Delforge Founder & CEO Delforge Co.

Valerie Delforge is a Salon Consultant with 25 years in the Beauty Industry.

There are a lot of odd fish we've plucked out of the bay here and it gives us some of that Left Coast, Weird Coast style." Salon Premium, a pay-to-view (online) content subscription was introduced on April 25, 2001.

The service signed up 130,000 subscribers and staved off discontinuation of services.

I’ve had to use disciplinary measures when 2 staff members were really awful to one another and created a difficult atmosphere.

Both of them were on disciplinary very quickly, and one was let go.

For instance, In all, it very much depends on the situation at hand.

I’ve dealt with a situation where I had to give the salon employees 2 weeks off and put them on different shifts when they stopped dating as they were really upset.

Having founded Delforge Co, she is keen to support the Beauty industry into achieving their best.

It’s important that your team members know they can vent to you if they need.

It allows them to stop bottling up what bothers them.

Regular contributors include the political-opinion writers Amanda Marcotte, Scott Eric Kaufman, Heather Digby Parton and Sean Illing, critic Andrew O'Hehir and pop-culture columnist Mary Elizabeth Williams. In its early days, readers noticed a specifically Northern California flavor.

In 1996, Talbot agreed: "We swim in the soup of San Francisco.

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