Not intimidating

Stabbing someone from above is another Hollywood invention.The human body is fairly well armored for protection from stabs that come from above.Unless you have had extensive training, don’t think you can use one to defend yourself.Having said that, I still recommend having a knife.I personally like bows and if I were to find myself in a situation where I felt it was necessary to leave my home and go hunting for adversaries, I would probably pick a bow over a rifle.To me, the advantage of being able to attack my enemies silently, without them knowing where the shots are coming from, surpasses the superior firepower of the rifle.For a knife to be effective as a weapon it needs to be the right knife and it needs to be used the right way.True fighting knives are much different than hunting knives, which are single bladed, although some are sharpened partially down the back side.

Learn your limits, as it takes a lot of skills and practice to use them for your defense.Mankind was killing one another long before the invention of the firearm.Ever since man first realized that sticks and stones could hurt, they have used anything they could find as a weapon.The best fighting knives are double-bladed, being sharpened down the whole of the back edge.This type of knife is known as the Fairburn, named for its inventor, Bruce Fairburn, who came up with the design while serving in China.

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