Moving from dating to a relationship

skyrocketing, it might be tempting for couples to want to move in together to cut down on living costs.

But while the financial convenience of sharing a domicile with a partner can't be denied, the truth is that it's not always the wisest choice, especially early on in a relationship. "There's no hard and fast rule, but more or less it takes a good six months before someone begins to show their true colors and it takes a year before you really begin to know someone," .

Again, it’s normal to think or daydream about someone you like.

However, it’s not normal to constantly think about him or her.

When you idealize someone, you see them as all-good or all-perfect.

When you first meet someone, it’s actually pretty easy to paint that person with one large brushstroke because you really don’t know that much about him.

When you meet someone you like, it’s perfectly normal to want to learn more about that person, including the people in her life.

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This emotional hunger suggests that you don’t feel that you have a fulfilling social circle or extended family of your own.

Rachel moved four miles away to a neighboring town in Virginia. "I moved back in after my one-year lease was up and we eloped in December of 2012," she said.

"If I had stayed living with him we might not have gotten married." for xo Jane, an anonymous writer shared her own experience moving out of the home she shared with her partner, who had moved in six months into the relationship.

For men and women who move too fast in dating, they really, really want to meet their new date’s friends or family.

They want to set plans for barbecues, dinners or social activities where they can meet all the major players in their date’s life – and they want to do it quickly.

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