Medieval courtship dating

“The idea was to go out with as many people as possible, as visibly as possible, with someone as high a status as possible,” Bailey says.

Some singles still clung to the idea of finding a spouse, while others, Bailey says, felt that “if you could only date one person, that’s kind of pathetic.

Because those places cost money and the young men were the ones who had the money, they often paid.

Our dating — or “courting” — habits have always changed with the times, but some have lasted for centuries.Young people would go to dances and you would never dance with the same person you came with.” After World War II, playing the field was out and settling down with one person was in.Perhaps this shift came from the thousands of young men who had gone off to war and came home with a renewed outlook on life.Then, the couple would enjoy a very formal visit, such as drinking tea together or playing cards in the family’s parlor or sitting room.At least one of the woman’s parents would usually be present during such visits.

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