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Facebook Live could become a legitimate advertising channel if brands build fresh creative commercials for it, according to Chris Tuff, director of business development at 22squared. For instance, last week, actor Vin Diesel streamed a behind-the-scenes look at his new "Fast and Furious" movie, which could have been a perfect time for the studio to run an ad, Mr. "Vin Diesel just hit 100 million followers, which is crazy, so imagine they run mid-roll ads for the film he's starring in. Facebook has even been paying publishers and Web celebs to start streaming.The payments were seen as necessary because the platform does not have a mature ad-model for videos that it could share with its partners, who lacked the proper financial incentive to come on board.Facebook Live rocketed into the mainstream since it played a part during police shootings last month, setting off mass protests.Still, many live videos are of the uplifting variety.The Seawall stretches from 9th Street to past 89th, with parallel parking and steps conveniently located.If you are in the habit of bypassing the Seawall beaches because you've seen it get swallowed up when the tide is in, look again!

You Tube basically invented the model of splitting ad revenue from pre- and mid-roll ads with content creators to motivate their sharing on the platform.Publishers also control what categories of advertisers can run in their channels, and they can turn off the ads if there are any sensitive subjects being covered, said publishing sources familiar with the ads.Live video has become a battleground for social media platforms -- Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and Snapchat -- all competing for more professional content."We're running a small test where a group of publishers have the option to insert a short ad break in their Facebook Live videos," Facebook said in an e-mail.The social network has indicated for months that there was a possibility of introducing commercial breaks during live-streams, and head of product Fidji Simo touched on the opportunity in a forum in June.

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