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I feel bad for the guys though because they were so concerned with their size. We met a handsome 50-some year young black guy at a party & I could tell right away he was interested in my wife. I'm 42 and haven't had sex with anyone but my husband (John) since we were married 19 years years ago.He sat at our table & we had a few drinks & talked. This summer we had bbq at our beach house with about 20 people - including a Ben, a guy that I had never met but John has mentioned him... An ex-girlfriend of mine introduced me online to a casual friend of her who was black.While coming back before laying bed I deliberately loosened my knot of skirt and let it fall down. He asked, 'What will happen if dad comes to know of our relations? Then a very hot watery sperm pushed in to my mouth. aaaaaaa ahaaaa you are fucking your dad's cunt son, fuck me son, make me pregnant again. aaaaaaa you are son of your dad ,the fucking machine.He could see his mother's vagina, the place he came into world. I told my son, "I was waiting for it all these days my loving son, I will show you the place which you came out.' I showed him my vagina widening my legs. I told him, "This is the place your dad fucked all these days and produced you, now for next four years this is only for you." He brought his face near my pussy and kissed on my lower lips. ' Then he hugged me, started kissing on my boobs, and chewed it. He began shouting "Aaaaaaa ammaaaaa mom do it mom again aaaaa" I drank all without wasting even a drop. Then I told, "Son now I will stand here, you do the same to me". I kept my hand son ass and pulled deep inside my pussy. He reached orgasm early as his was the first time". His sperms made my pussy hot and it started leaking from my pussy. I answered, 'That is not required son, now if you are not there I will not get sleep. As per plan before entering in to room, I removed my blouse, wore only skirt, and slept. I let him watch my naked breasts as he could not take his away from my boobs.

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I love sex with black guys, out of all the guys I've ever had sex with the black guys do tend to be the best at making me ***.

But when I stepped into my junior year advanced chemistry class.... We'll call her Vanessa to protect her real identity. I did some things that I regretted as I got older, but the story I'm about to tell you was probably the most ****** up. Now if it was just his preference then there's nothing that can be done. It was a surprise to find that our first week of the trip was changed to Kerala South India. when I was a teenager, there was this older black man that i used to have phone sex with when I was 16.

We flew into Trivandrum and got a taxi to the hotel. he was in the military in the south and we'd exchange emails. Of course, I was the only black kid in my school, aside from my sister, so I didn't really have a choice.

Instead of covering my vagina with my dress, I allowed it to be naked like that, covered myself with blanket, and switched off the light. Suddenly he looked up and asked me"Mom do you have milk in your boobs". He was a first timer I got to know from his licking. After sometime when I saw his dick it was standing straight again. He answered," I will do anything for you , we have to use some protection now mom, other wise you may get pregnant". He was very much tired and we hugged each other and slept.

Than he hugged me and today first time, he turned to my side. Suddenly he pressed my boobs very hardly in the darkness. I told him, "You motherfucker, what are you doing, do slowly". I had an abortion three months after his father left for Gulf. I told him, 'Stand on bed and let me suck your cock.' I sat down, kissed his dick, and started eating it like a choc-bar. I told him"No son, I was operated last time for not getting pregnancy". He came on me and adjusted his cock on his mother's pussy hole. Come in to your mom's sacred place, enter in to your birth place and make me your wife.". I was thinking that he would be able to satisfy me with in one month.

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