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"Kiss of Death" Season 2, Episode 20, first broadcast March 30, 2000. It turns out that the local GP refused to circumcise any babies.After Eric is caught out lying about running over Donna's cat, Donna says that they should have no more secrets. NATHAN: Oh, you Jews are great - except for that circumcision thing. Scully is skeptical but Mulder organises a mass circumcision. The citizens rejoice and Mulder is invited to the next village to be Master of Ceremonies at another mass circumcision, where nothing goes wrong and nobody feels any pain. Homer defends Bart's wish, saying "A boy should look like his father." Marge imagines Bart looking like Homer (on the couch drinking Duff, burping), growls "Rrrrrrrrrr." Homer says, "If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for my son.There's some Truth in Television here though; given human nature, healthy relationships are a seller's market — the most desired goods are either out of stock or otherwise unavailable for sale — on sides.Not to mention people's tendency to make sly, humorous negative observations along the lines of Murphy's Law. isn't that just my luck.") Compare to Incompatible Orientation, where she may still love him despite his orientation.The two doctors discuss the matter: ...discounting what Dr Stowe said, as if anything short of cutting his whole penis off was acceptable.

This is loaded with the Unfortunate Implication that only (and all) gay men possess the qualities women want (or not) — tenderness, consideration, etc.Everyone at the TV studio (and everyone back at the hospital who are watching it live) are shocked and appalled to see that the bumbling Erlich has chosen circumcision as his topic. But mostly - because I would rather rim the shit-smeared arsehole of a dead horse with AIDS than even consider the possibility of touching your wiry, gangrenous, vile, inadequate, half-circumcised, horrifically smelly, pubescent dick! Cassie Ainsworth, accompanied by her co-worker, Jakob, visits her father Marcus and her younger brother, Reuben in their home in Wales. Matt Heffernan's South Park page summarises the episode without ever mentioning that the circumcision takes place. She sees on the news that scientists are able to grow a human ear onto the back of a mouse.Erlich himself seems to be the only one who is oblivious to the fact that it is terribly inappropriate. Cassie, Jakob and Reuben sit around the table as Marcus prepares a meal. Using all of her money and some of her male DNA, the scientists are able to grow a new penis for Garrison on to a mouse. (If this is because Mr Garrison had been circumcised as a baby, it would be an example of Larmarkism, the discredited theory that acquired characteristics can be inherited.) Thomas Ravenel ("T-Rav"), whose relationship with Kathryn Dannis was shaky until she became pregnant, announces that his son, St Julien Rembert Ravenel, will be left intact.— while heterosexual men are pretty much primitive cavemen or perverted jerkasses who don't know how to act in public and treat other people.Ironically, there is no shortage of gay men saying the reverse: that all the good men are taken or , admiring the stereotypical positive traits of straight men (masculine mannerisms, straightforward with emotions, laid-back attitude, etc.).

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