Internet dating scams in australia

Fake profiles may have discrepancies or inconsistencies, like disproportionate height and weight, or be suspiciously vague. Online dating and romance scams often begin like any other online relationship: interested individuals exchange basic information, like their line of work, their city, and their hobbies and interests.

Scammers may then ask their victims to leave the dating site and use personal email or instant messaging (IM).

The following are some tips on how to protect yourself from being scammed and what to do if you become a victim: Pre-Paid Debit Card Scams For years, scammers have duped people into wiring money using wire services.

Today, scammers are increasingly asking people to pay money with reloadable, pre-paid debit cards How to Spot a Scam Scammers are constantly reinventing new ways to perpetrate old ploys.

e Harmony works hard to deliver you the most compatible matches possible.Assessing a match's truthfulness and honesty is ultimately your responsibility.Don't ignore any facts that seem inconsistent or "off." Trust your instincts and remember that you have control over the situation.Be wary of sending money to someone you have never met in person, especially via a wire transfer service, like Western Union or Money Gram, or a prepaid money card, like Green Dot.Once a person wires money to a foreign country, the money is generally unrecoverable.

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