Note that you should only use valueptr if you are sure that your code is correct.

Using it directly can cause problems if the appropriate checks are not done.

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If you use any of these, and you update to String Theory 2.00 or later then you will need to use Net Talk / Net Talk Lite 7.35 (or later), Cryptonite 1.63 or later and/or Odd Job 1.36 or later.

String Theory 2 is very backwards-compatible with String Theory 1and it is probable that you will need to make no changes to your application.

It is possible you were doing string-slicing on the value property directly.

See the Class Reference for a list of all methods and properties provided.

Where st is the label name (and can be almost anything.) The length of the string is undefined, and is dynamic. Contains A('0123456789') = false Message('Needs a number') end if st.

This checks that the filename only contains valid characters, and removes any invalid characters.

For example Net Talk 7, Cryptonite, Run Screen and Odd Job all depend on String Theory.

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