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Ferndale’s landmark Como’s Restaurant & Pizzeria is back in full swing for the holidays after regaining its liquor license today.“As of 9 o’clock this morning, everything’s back to normal – the booze is flowing,” owner George Grego said this afternoon, from the 61-year-old culinary institution on Woodward Avenue at 9 Mile."It's a good day for us," Grego said.

Ferndale police surprised Grego with the suspension notice Wednesday afternoon, and told him that a 50-day suspension "could happen if I didn't pay," and were overheard by a patron on a bar stool a few steps away, he said.

Lisa Greggo’s work has appeared in The Boston Globe, Let the Bucket Down, and other places.

She is currently at work on a book-length memoir about her experience with foster care, adoption, and search and reunion.

I was born into the foster care system in NJ in 1968 and later adopted by my foster family when I was three years old.

At the time of my adoption, my original birth certificate was sealed by the court and I was given an amended birth certificate with my adoptive parents’ names on it.

The original birth certificates of adoptees have been sealed in NJ since November of 1940.

And talking honestly with one another about the challenges birthparents, adoptive parents, and their children face is the most positive progress of all.For 2 years after the amendment, there was a wait period for adoptees, a period where birth parents were invited, if they so wished, to redact their names from those original birth certificates.Then, in January of 2017, the seals from birth certificates dated 1940 and onward were broken and the records opened to those adult adoptees.Soon, the tale of a 50-day suspension was "out on social media," he said.The police said he'd been suspended after bouncing a Nov.

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