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When back outside it's the usual reality, some excitement, agendas, plans and dreams are in mix, when all that becomes a routine at the end of the day I want to come back to my Leo woman and tell her I want to wake up next to her for the rest of my life. I am in a relationship with a Pisces man & I love him to death I don't understand why these astrologies say we are not compatible we have a good relationship & I do honestly feel he is the one for me he is caring, fun to be around, compassionate etc.Will wake up a bit earlier before back to a regular programming schedule, if you know what I mean ;)im a Leo woman I have been with my Pisces man for a little over 3 months and everything is going so amazing we have been inseparable since the day we met, but recently something bad happened and we only get to see each other like twice a week now but he constantly calls to check on me we are on the phone pretty much 24/7 unless he is at work and then he still calls me we have opened up so much more to each other so I think all that compatibility stuff is crap he's the best guy ive ever had!!!! I could be around him 24/7 we do argue from time to time but all couples do.If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.Your summary is pretty much 98% correct regarding to my Pisces man EXCEPT money / finances, the roles are somewhat reverse- he's the one that does not save, he basically lives for today.He is a sweet heart , but sometimes can make me feel unhappy because he don't trust me . And it is EVERYTHING the stories have EVER talked about.

This is the biggest obstacle we have in our relationship besides the arguing - and yes, he admits he does not want to fight with me, he likes to keep the peace. its on for last three will be there three years hence... He would always put off being with me to go help anyone and everyone.

I'm a Leo woman and I'm dating a Pisces man and everything is going awesomely.

I was afraid of this combination because of compatibility charts that go against the match but he's the best boyfriend every.

The newer relationship has ended on a bad note, he promised that he would do a favor for me and just didn't even come through, I've done everything for him, been there for him when no-one else even cared.

Anyway, I'm trying to move on mentally and I can't stop thinking of him, even though we had disagreements, I loved him so much very deeply - he's the only man in years that have touched me so deeply however, he doesn't like to open up and talk with me, he feels like I'm going to attack, if he only knew how much I truly loved and love him.

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