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Two measurements 2 weeks apart showing a deviation of more than 2 cm may indicate that the fetus is large or small for dates, that the estimated gestation is in error, or that the woman is carrying a multiple pregnancy.A shorter measure can happen for one of the following reasons: Fundal height can vary from person to person and it is not an exact measurement.The fundus reaches the mother's naval by 20 weeks of pregnancy, the diaphragm (the muscle that extends across the bottom of the ribcage) by 36 weeks and then drops down again as the baby engages in the pelvis.Fundal heights tend to be used from about 16 to 37 weeks of pregnancy, with their greatest benefit believed to be between 22 to 34 weeks.The main aims of measuring the fundal height during pregnancy are to possibly detect: Fundal height measurements were adopted because it was believed to be more accurate than just the caregiver feeling (or palpating) the woman's belly with their hands.

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More recently, a larger random study found that fundal height measurement were about 46 to 48% accurate, with abdominal palpation about 24 to 29% accurate.Fundal height is a measurement used to estimate the gestational age of a fetus/baby.Fundal height is not considered to be a very accurate measurement to determine baby's weight.Bearing this in mind it is important to view fundal heights as just a guide, with very limited ability in detecting unusually small or large babies.Even the popular use of ultrasound in recent years to estimate a baby's weight has been shown to be up to 10 to 15% out, or / - 400 to 600 grams (1lb to 1lb 6oz) and cannot really be relied upon.

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