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So basiclly what i am saying is; it would like to meet some nice habesha ladies who can relate my story.

Peace & love, The one they call D AKA Ras AKA Aman AKA Count von Count AKA kiko (thats how my moms call me even tho i'm 6'3" and she is 5'7") and the list goes on.

However, my question is where do you go to meet these bachelors? If a guy really likes me and he asks me to marry him, I am afraid to say no so my solution is either find a decent Eritrean man or opt to stay single (I much prefer the former). Honestly speaking i fit all your requiremnts but in my case i wish you were amharic speaking habesha queen i would jump in to you but let me put ma two coins here i see you are desent christian and educated girl and potentially beautiful as you are habesha and never settle for less than the ones you mentioned there i am also looking for the same thing i would rather end single than settle for less than that ..go to churches where ertreans are in abundance go to ertrean get togethers like kiristina, serg.. I am also Eritrean-American or habesha as some people prefer and am restricted to my race ONLY in terms of marriage.

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You are capable of choosing who you want to invest your time with. I don’t think those that are in a relationship are nearly as obsessed with their current relationship status as you are about yours. You cannot make a man love you, and even if you could, would you? This coming year, I ask you to start your own habesha recipe book, become authors, record that first album, train for that marathon, save for your dream home, travel the world, graduate, sell that invention, visit your family back home, become an entrepreneur, do what others fear in doing, network with purpose, apply for a better job, spoil yourself, love yourself, become a leader in your community, speak up more, start that non-profit, succeed, blossom and be full of health for Y2013. I am also Eritrean-American or habesha as some people prefer and am restricted to my race ONLY in terms of marriage. I would like a relationship with a decent man but sorry to say, I have no found him yet.You can be assured that datememe will be worth your while. How many bad dates have you gone on trying to find the right partner?Let datememe help you in your search so you can spend youre time with the right one. You might wonder how is datememe different than craigslist. Datememe makes sure your profile is reflective of you so you can find suitable women.

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