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Christian made his TV debut in a Lenor advert at the age of eight. Christian almost landed Leonardo Di Caprio's role in .

He is now an active environmentalist and supports organisations including Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Foundation.7.

A serious performer most famous for his commitment to his craft (he once dropped a third of his body weight for a role), he spent years as a cult player before stepping firmly onto the A-List with 2005's 1.

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Immediately after this debut Christian received presents to take leading functions in movies Center of the united states and Mio in a Property of Faraway.I would never want to give up a life of just bumming around, and hanging out by the freeway, or cemeteries, or the parking lot of the 7/11.Christian Bale, name Christian Charles Philip Bale, is definitely a British actor .17 Christian Charles Philip Bale can be an actor of English nationality, known perfect for his performances in blockbuster films of Hollywood.He was created on the 30th of January, 1974 and has been mixed up in acting fraternity since 1982.

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