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A lot of people are having this problem so I thought I'd put the options file out there. )Soul Shards to 2.0.13mic Doodle Core to Planets to to Construct to Ships to 1.4.5 (please be aware this is now MD5'd, if you get an error or it tells you to redownload it after you've already done it then you need to let me know so I can update the system!Version 0.7: Added: Rei's Minimap 3.4_01 (both Zan's Minimap and Rei's are now optional, you can only select one, make sure to select Zan's if you want to continue using it!It is easy: Throw your ball by pressing "Q", and the ball will slide over the ice.Pick up the ball from the new position, and Press "Q" again, until it falls into the hole! Updates: - Bugfixes, especially the Teleport bug, which caused the teleporters to not work.

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Updated: Optifine to HD_U_C8Code CHicken Core to Enough Items to Plugins to Craft to 1.5.4Soul Shards to 2.0.15UE Core to Components changed to Calclavia Core and updated to Doodle Core to to Planets to to Generators to Tools to Induction to Science to Indicators to Construct to Multipart to to 1.4-a-12Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod to 3.2.7Forge to o Plenty to to note: Mekanism Induction has now changed back (again) to Resonant Induction.You should now be able to cut down Bo P trees again (thanks to Confurius) --- 20/12/2017: ATLauncher staff fixed download for Archimedes Ships Updated: ICBM to - Should fix Sentry crashes!Calclavia Core to to Induction to Science to Optifine to HD_U_C6 - This will fix problems people are having with render problems Removed: Optifix Shaders mod Stuff to Note: A couple of item ID's have been intentionally changed but nothing of real importance unless you have stack of antidote laying around.)Biblio Woods - Bo P Edition (so you can use that wood to make more prettier looking Biblio stuff!)Changed: Link to Atomic Science Website Rei's Minimap Exchanged for Zan's Minimap!

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