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Then, when she says "gosh I haven't been laid in forever" you can 'joke' "I can help you with that" ...

for example...nope, nothing wrong with that at all.

Few phrases are more easily misinterpreted than when men say, "We should hang out sometime." Such a simple statement only summons countless questions. But fear not, we've got a few pointers that may save you the hassle of miscommunication.

" Does he mean hang out as pals or as something more? Heck, we'd be lying if we said we didn't learn how to differentiate between a date and a hangout the hard way on a couple of occasions.

Usually doesn't work out because someone gets their feelings hurt.

I had some experiences when the guys eventually developed feelings for me even though i explained in the beginning exactly what it was going to be. Do not do it with really close friends, if you don't want to ruin a good friendship.

I thought how soooo nice it would be to have a FWB, but i guess im not FWB material (live and learn! I need much much more than that or it just aint happenin!

its not something i would do if i was in a relationship, but being young and single is diffeant. I'm not young and still have 'needs' ~ however, I'm too important to me to consider this an option.

i have a few really close lady friends that i wanna ask them for FWB, but i don't want them to get pissed at me. The hard thing isn't finding sex, it's hard to find someone I'd like to have sex with on a permanent basis.

It's a totally different approach to a FB dynamnic. Sometimes the best things in life happen without a prior Statutory declaration... BFriends are people with which you share something in common.

We tend to gravitate towards that which we feel comfortable. It starts fine, I know what it is, what to expect, but it just isn't enough for me. Like smilinpixie, i too knew what to expect, and i actually was the one who initiated it.

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