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Other players play great when they are winning and are running good.But when things start to go the other way, they compound their bad run by tilting, spewing and generally losing their mind like a donkey.Thirdly, you need to be able to deal with the financial and emotional swings.And finally you need to play high enough stakes or a large enough volume of hands and sustain it month-in, month-out. Ok, give it a shot for 6 months and tell me what you think! However, in my opinion those people are not truly successful professionals.

If you go through some good times, put the money aside for the bad times that will most definitely follow. Take it from someone who has succeeded in playing professionally for the past 2 years.Over the past 6months, you have earned 00 a month playing poker, You also have a monthly nut of 00, i.e., how much you spend on rent, food, gas, electricity, etc.This leaves you with 00 a month left to play poker with.Even at an early age, Negreanu was extremely ambitious, stating in a 2009 interview "From the age of four, I thought I'd be rich.I told my mom I'd build a house out of Popsicle sticks, and move to California." He attended Pineway public middle school in North York, where the principal complained to his mother about Daniel's "poor manners or behavior" and threatened to expel him for "ignoring the school rules." While nursing dreams of a career as a professional snooker player, the then 15-year-old learned how to play poker.

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