Dating a green beret

I walked through world class fighters in my prime because the furnace of hate within me made it all seem a dream .How or why it got there is an ongoing inner inquiry I am yet assessing.I thought I was a man who, for his entire adult life up until the age of 38 or 39, worked on anger and hatred.Those two fuels allowed me to walk the circumference of this earth two times by foot and carry upon my back the sum combined weight of a dreadnaught battleship to face death and fear.I have faced depression, PTSD, a broken mind from the effects of a road side bomb and all the fringe benefits a closed head injury bestows upon you.The loss of great love, many times; and the loss of my children.

It’s an interesting thought – life’s fire forges not only a new world, a new way of thinking and doing and being, but it forges those who fight into different people.

I have been cast into the sea of mediocrity and each and every time I crawled kicking and screaming out, for there is no place for me there.

Thousands were broken and wrecked in the quest to find me and countless resources and tax dollars expended in my making.

I have lived off of filthy food and equally filthy water only to get the shortest of rests while lying in putrid filth up to my eyeballs.

I did the impossible for the absolutely ungrateful and I did all this many times laughing my flipping ass off.

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