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But somewhere along the way, there have been dalliances and romances with the locals, and I’d be lying if I said that many of them ended happily ever after.

Having 3 failed relationships with Chinese men under my belt, I’m ready to return to the security I’ll find in the big hairy arms of a western man.

_Date scenario #3:_ A romantic dinner = He respects you, and wants more than a fling.

_Date scenario #4:_ Shopping = You’re his girlfriend.

Take note from the Chinese girls; “treat ‘em mean, and keep ‘em keen”.

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As many of you ladies will know by now, dating Chinese men and dating western men require two very different game plans, strategies, and, let’s say, styles.

Many ladies I spoke to would be willing to make a mutual decision with their date about where to go and what to do, but we all know that deep down we girlies want the guy to make the plans.

Not because we’re lazy and unimaginative, but because wherever he decides to take us says so much about how much he likes us.

What western gal in China hasn’t at some point met a Chinese guy who rattled her cage, got her heart racing, and made her question everything she thought she knew about her preferences and types?

Pre-China, 99.9% of my non-Chinese female friends never expected to find themselves entangled in a love affair with a Chinese man.

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