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(C) The provisions of subsection (A) do not apply to districts in counties that have adopted, by ordinance, uniform election dates for districts within those counties before the effective date of this section. HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 59-607; 1952 Code Section 59-607; 1942 Code Section 8555-133; 1934 (38) 1292. The commissioners shall keep a record of their deliberations and for this purpose shall appoint a secretary, who shall receive such remuneration as the commissioners may determine. HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 59-608; 1952 Code Section 59-608; 1942 Code Section 8555-133; 1934 (38) 1292. Any public service district or special purpose district operating on the effective date of Sections 6-11-91 through 6-11-93 may continue to use the compensation or benefit plan now in existence on the effective date of Sections 6-11-91 through 6-11-93. No person who serves on the governing body of any public service district or special purpose district shall receive compensation on any two such districts at the same time. They may operate it and may contract with existing light and water companies and municipalities for light, water, and fire protection, or contract and connect with existing sewerage systems of municipalities or other districts.The provisions of subsections (A) and (B) do not apply to districts in which the commissioners are elected pursuant to a petition and referendum provided for in Article 2 of Chapter 11 of Title 6. Compensation and benefits for district governing bodies. They may supply and furnish lights and water and provide for fire protection and sewerage disposal to citizens of these districts and may require an exact payment of rates, tolls, rentals, and charges they may establish for the use of lights, water, fire protection, and the sewerage plant.Date for election of board members; implementation of section; statement of candidacy or petition for nomination; number of signatures; certain counties exempt. As soon as practicable after the election the commissioners shall meet and organize as the board of electric light, water supply, fire and sewerage commissioners, as the case may be, for such district.(A) When a special purpose district elects its board members, the board members must be elected in the November general election held in an even-numbered year. They shall draw by lot the commissioners who shall hold the two, four and six year terms respectively.Authority to establish special purpose or public service districts.In order to protect the public health, electric lighting districts, water supply districts, fire protection districts, and sewer districts may be established pursuant to this section for the purpose of supplying lights, water, providing fire protection with or without rescue response services related to the provision of fire services, a sewerage collection system, and a sewage treatment plant to a portion of any county in this State which is not included in an incorporated city or town.To implement the provisions of this section, the governing body of a county shall by ordinance or resolution extend terms, for necessary periods, of persons to be elected to permit the persons to be elected in accordance with the provisions of this section, but no elected term may be shortened for that purpose. At the organizational meeting they shall elect one of their number as chairman. The boards of commissioners of these districts must be bodies politic and shall exercise and enjoy all the rights and privileges of such.(B) Notwithstanding any provision of Title 7 or other provision of law, in such a district a candidate is required to file a statement of candidacy or obtain on a petition the signatures of five percent of the qualified electors of the district in order to have his name placed on the ballot for election as a commissioner of a special purpose district within the county. In the event of any vacancy on the commission the remaining members of the commission shall elect a commissioner to fill the unexpired term. Compensation from two or more districts prohibited. They may purchase and build or contract for building electric light, water supply, fire protection, and sewerage systems, and may lease, own, hold, and acquire all necessary equipment and property for that purpose.

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Don't accumulate new debt, and pay off any debt you currently have.

Additionally, any hospital district shall be authorized to create and establish an entity under Chapters 31 or 44, Title 33. 199, Section 3, eff upon approval (became law without the Governor's signature on June 1, 2010).

Emergency ban on burning within a special purpose or public service district.

Additionally, any hospital district shall be authorized to mortgage its hospital facilities so long as the action is made in connection with the purchase of the hospital district's indebtedness by any federal agency or the guarantee of the hospital district's indebtedness by any federal agency.

Any hospital district shall be authorized to own, operate, convey, sell, or lease hospital facilities located outside the current limits of the hospital district in any county adjacent to the boundaries of the hospital district, as set out in the hospital district's enabling legislation, all on such terms as its governing body shall approve, whenever it shall be economically feasible.

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