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A number of the issues being raised by the public are either specific to London, or would be a responsibility for Scottish local authorities.

However, I am aware there are concerns on the taxation of fuel – which remains a matter reserved to Westminster for the time being.

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(Depreciation, insurance and maintenance expenses on a vehicle are not allowed.) Meals and lodging - Meals and lodging incurred while away from home overnight on official church business are included as deductible out-of-pocket expenses.

Much like Esther becoming queen “for such a time [kairos] as this” to be instrumental in saving the Jews, we in America are living in a time of opportunity [kairos] to share the gospel with the Muslim population as they become more prevalent in our communities.

As an Apostolic Christian Church body, our shared values of family, modesty, non-dating, and the desire to live a holy life often create natural bridges and unique opportunities to building relationships with Muslims.

There is no deduction allowed for value of time or service.

(For contributions exceeding 0, an acknowledgement will need to be obtained prior to the due date of the tax return.

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