Access denied updating driver

It is as if something in Windows has changed and suddenly this is now happening.I'm at my wits end and I'm getting the feeling this is eventually going to start to happen to everyone and I cannot afford that since its essentially 35000 users...I solved the problem by right-clicking on the folder, and unticking "read-only" and "encrypted" and applying that to the entire folder and its contents.This took a few seconds for Windows to fix the attributes on all the files.The quick fix was to go via Device Manager, click Update Driver and choose the older driver and it worked fine.Suddenly, with this particular user, I try that and at the end it says: I've been in the IT industry for over 15 years and I've never seen this.The phones I am connecting are Xolo Q1010i Android and Nokia 5233 Symbian S60Plz Help!& plz let me know if any other information is required!

access denied updating driver-5

I have had previous instances where Windows would automatically update the Prolific driver with an updated driver but this caused our software not to communicate with the unit anymore.But don’t worry, here you will find the solution to fix the problem..First, make sure that you login to computer as Administrator. In Permissions for SYSTEM section, make sure the Full Control Allow checkbox is checked and uncheck any Deny checkbox. Also check your user account and see if it has full control of the system and any deny checkbox is unchecked.I try to search for the Drivers online from "Device Manager" under my computer, but it fails to update, saying "Access Denied"!!!I tried the same on my Dell Inspiron i5, it searched for the s/w Online & installed it without hassles, same way it installed on my Acer notebook.

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