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The kirkyard at the centre of the small town contains the ruins of an important 15th-century parish church, which incorporates an 11th-century bell-tower (originally free-standing, and comparable to, though on a smaller scale than, that incorporated into Dunblane Cathedral), built on the orders of Michael Ochiltree, Bishop of Dunblane (in the care of Historic Scotland; no entrance charge).

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The church here also served for a time as a seat of the Bishops of Strathearn (later Dunblane) before the building of the cathedral at Dunblane in the 13th century.From their centres at Dublin and the Isle of Man they controlled trade and shipping throughout the Irish Sea and the western isles."Waugh" was the name given to our people by the Anglo-Saxons.I have tried to provide sources as much as possible.Some of those sources are more reliable than others. My intent is to provide myself (and other researchers) with possible leads to help piece together pieces of that puzzle.

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