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As 0x Omar demonstrated, they can quite easily commit “acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public for political purposes” — terrorism.

And since the earliest days of modern Israel, terrorists have “beta-tested” their tactics on the Jewish state.

“Even in this space we have the ability to actively harm those who harm us.” Ayalon also commended the United States for declaring that cyberattacks would be considered an act of war, reportedly noting “this is a good criterion for us all." The hacker Ox Omar last week said Group-xp has stolen 1 million Israeli Social Security Numbers.

Meanwhile, according to reports in the Gulf, Saudi banks are bracing for Israeli cyberretaliation.

"We decided to give the world a new year gift, about 400,000 Israeli people information!!!

" But credit card companies said the hacker exaggerated the number of compromised credit card numbers.

That threat, so far, has failed to materialize and, given Israel’s interest in maintaining banking stability, it seems hyped.

Yet the possibility that a lone hacker could start a regional war is now out of the bag. In Central Park back in the early 1970s, a long-haired dude dressed in purple handed me a list of numbers belonging to “evil” corporations, the “CIA” and other arms of “American imperialism.” He claimed that if I gave one of those numbers to a telephone operator, I’d be able to make then-expensive international phone calls for free. But today’s hackers can wreak far more havoc than that hippie.

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