The Eb/C mechanism is genius; the articulated low C#/Bb mechanism should be on all horns. Alto $ 2400 Tenor $ 3200 Soprano 00 Baritone $ 3600 CONN WONDER through 150XXX Up until 75XXX, no rolled tone holes. Add 20% for gold and 40% for gold with “artist” engraving and mother of pearl key touches. Sopranino $ 2000 Straight soprano 00 Curved soprano $ 2200 Deduct 20% if keyed to Eb only C soprano 00 MUST have original mouthpiece C melody $ 800 Alto 00 Tenor 00 Baritone 00 Bass $ 7500 NEW WONDER “CHU BERRY” 150XXX – 240XXX Conn never called these horns “Chu Berry”, but we’re stuck with the name. Alto $ 2400 Tenor $ 3000 Baritone $ 3100 M SERIES 260XXX – 834XXX We’re talking about REAL saxophones here!

While Heather may have been a Hollywood natural, easing into her career while she was still in university, it’s been a bumpy ride since then.

The purpose of the Shop for HP Supplies program is to make it easy for users to shop online for HP supplies and to make sure that you are buying the correct supplies such as ink cartridges, toners, or...

It's free, which is great, but I find there are a lot of losers on here. There are many reasons for people doing that very thing, safety , anonymity, or living out a fantasy. As of yesterday i made changes to the site that anyone sending a message to a user for the first time that doesn't have intimate enounter selected will have thier email automatically deleted if it contains sexual thought i'd put my 2 cents in and say thanks to allyou the pofer's for makeing this a wonderful place to be you guys make me feel welcome and remember POF wouldn't be what it is with out all you out there making everyone feel welcome.

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The married senator and father of 11 kids was the former first lady’s one “true love” — and his wife, Ethel, along with the rest of the Kennedy clan, knew about their romance, according to “Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story.” “Everybody knew about the affair.

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Her debut album, Don't Forget (2008), debuted at number two on the U. After the release of additional television films and their soundtracks in 2010, Lovato's personal issues put her career on a hiatus and led to the discontinuation of Sonny with a Chance after a second season.